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FR2+ Defibrillator
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The HeartStart FR2+ Defibrillator has come to be a trusted tool of professional responders and designated response teams in the workplace and public settings. Its clean, uncluttered design is optimized for fast, efficient operation and rapid delivery of life-saving therapy. Commands are clear, streamlined, confident, and concise: ideal for responders who are trained, drilled, and ready to save a life now.

Capabilities and Features

  • Biphasic therapy
  • Automated defibrillation, with manual override
  • Rugged. With or Without Lead II ECG Display.
  • SMART Analysis
  • SMART CPR and Quick Shock
  • Pediatric defibrillation (infant/child pads)
  • Conscious monitoring (3-Lead ECG, optional)
  • Two display options: text-only, and text with ECG
  • Voice and text prompts
  • Data collection and programmable voice recording
  • Automated self-tests
  • "Ready-for-Use" indicator
  • Long-life battery: 300 shocks (min.) or 12 hrs. monitoring
Call for Discount Pricing: 1 877 443-2994

Only the best! Discounted prices! 5-year warranty! 4 year installed battery life!
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